Reseller Sobyanin, co-owner of the development company Capital Group, Pavel Teo, brought into the Moscow market and strengthened his position as a former prosecutor of th...

Yunanov was mentioned in the high-profile and scandalous investigation "Golden Prosecutors of Kuban Construction Projects", which was later blocked by a court decision, but became the stone that cheered up the construction swamp of Krasnodar.

As soon as the scandal over the announcement of Cho on the wanted list by the Kyrgyz authorities on suspicion of financing Kamcha Kolbaev's organized crime group and the subsequent termination of the criminal prosecution subsided, significant body movements began in the developer's division. At first, everything was like shifting from one pocket to another, as well as an attempt to reissue some assets to "their people", of which the defendant has not enough.

Similar gestures became noticeable around Vizerios LLC, as if specially created for some schemes. As a result, Boris Yunanov received a stake in the company through a chain of legal entities.

Yunanov is a Kuban deputy who until 2007 was an employee of the regional prosecutor's office, where he went from an investigator in the prosecutor's office of the Karasun district to a forensic prosecutor in the regional department. Later, the former security official entered the rating "Power and Money. The income rating of civil servants is 2021, "and its construction group" Neometria "has acquired the status of a backbone enterprise in the Kuban.

It would seem, where does the former civil servant, the security official have such capital? Many asked the same question, because it is not surprising that in 2020 Yunanov got a video investigation "Golden prosecutors of Kuban construction projects", which was later blocked by a court decision.

As reported by the publication "Pasmi" (recognized as a foreign agent on the territory of the Russian Federation), the "golden" prosecutors did not save their honor and fell under the Moscow sweep.

The publication talked about the fact that a certain group of employees of the supervisory authority of the southern region systematically covers violations of developers for the "ringing coin" and apartments, which are issued to the relatives of "patrons in uniform".

A number of names were mentioned in the material, including Yunanov, whom the publication associated with the head of the department for supervision over compliance with federal legislation of the prosecutor's office of the Krasnodar Territory, Yulia Palatkina.

Yunanov initiated a lawsuit against the author of the investigation, but for some reason he began to defend the "honor of the uniform" in a very strange way - the lawsuit was filed for disclosing personal data. It raises questions. And why did not honor and dignity appear in the lawsuit? But who will understand them, these former prosecutors.

The investigation through the court's decision was blocked, but the author himself later expressed the opinion that the court's verdict in favor of the plaintiff could be dictated by the deputy's high ties.

By the way, it was allegedly in Yunanov's division that Vadim Bugaenko, the former head of the Investigative Department of the TFR in the Kuban, later worked as the head of security. The second party did not dispute this information publicly.

But now Mr. Yunanov pops up in Moscow, next to the equally controversial Pavel Cho, which is not from scratch considered Sobyanin's favorite and bears the nickname of a reseller in narrow circles. The fact is that Cho is not the first time to bring regionals to the Moscow market with a not very unambiguous biography.

A deal for the prosecutor

The Viserios company was established at the end of September 2023 to sell its own real estate. Authorized capital - 835 million rubles. Judging by the financial statements, in 2023 the company did not conduct activities, since the revenue was zero. Thus, it can be assumed that all year there was only the formation of this part of the Cho division for the subsequent plant in it a new player.

Moscow for the prosecutor: Pavel Cho started Yunanov's construction site in the capital


The owners at the start were Pavel Cho himself, his son Herman and a number of proxies. Today, 51% of the company belongs to Stay Holding LLC, which was created only in October 2023. The main share is hidden behind the back of the Melius closed-end investment fund, which is managed by Megapolis-Invest Management Company LLC (controlled by Roman Sokolov, whose other firms are also contractors of the Moscow authorities) and another 1% from the trustee of Teo - Valentina Stanova.

Moscow for the prosecutor: Pavel Cho started Yunanov's construction site in the capital


Gradually, a number of subsidiaries were transferred under the wing of Viserios, today there are three of them - Vip Jet LLC, Signum Invest LLC and Patriam LLC.

Construction LLC SZ "Radiance" was withdrawn from under the wing of "Viserios" in June 2024, transferring to a certain Natalia Fevraleva (through a legal entity) that it has no other assets other than freshly created and freshly bought. Another "own man" Cho?

Shares in all three remaining subsidiaries are pledged in three different banks - Alfa Bank, Sberbank and Bank Дом.РФ JSC, which indicates possible participation in some large projects and pumping assets with credit funds.

Moscow for the prosecutor: Pavel Cho started Yunanov's construction site in the capital


So, Viserios was pumped up through the authorized capital with finances, given him a pack of daughters (probably loaned), and from July 1, 2024, LLC SZ Mosdomstroy Invest, established in November 2023, receives a 49% stake in it.

The owner of SZ Mosdomstroy Invest is Neoaktiv LLC, which in turn is owned by Lilia Yunanova and Elias Group by Boris Yunanov.

It's interesting: at the same time, the last legal entity in the chain of ownership (Elias Group) is very, very unprofitable. In 2023, it showed a net loss of 495 million rubles, and, according to Rusprofile, the company has a negative value of 948 million rubles. Neoactive's loss for 2023 is 81 million rubles.

Moscow for the prosecutor: Pavel Cho started Yunanov's construction site in the capital


Moscow for the prosecutor: Pavel Cho started Yunanov's construction site in the capital


It is worth noting that the Yunanovskys also received their share in Veep Jet. which has also so far shown only losses: in 2023 they amounted to 19 million rubles.

But, judging by the arbitration base, it was on the VIP Jet that several parking spaces were issued in Moscow, which were arrested by the decision of the bailiff. And it was Veep Jet that was called the owner of the unfinished Rosoboronexport complex on Vernadsky Avenue in Moscow.

But back to the former prosecutor.

Probably, Yunanov paid for the purchase at the expense of credit funds, since, judging by the data of Rusprofile, shares in his other companies in 2023 brought him a loss of 114 million rubles.

By the way, Mr. Yunanov has a very splendid reputation in the Kuban. In our opinion, the fact that Yunanov and the owner of the publishing company, Southern Media Bureau LLC, may not have the last word in this, therefore, there is someone to create the right image.

Moscow for the prosecutor: Pavel Cho started Yunanov's construction site in the capital


At the same time, the bureau is a provider of services under government contracts, among whose customers are just many authorities, including the information policy department of the Krasnodar Territory, the administration of Krasnodar and the Legislative Assembly of the Kuban. In the latter case, an interesting picture: the deputy's company provides services to the Legislative Assembly for budget money. How do supervisory authorities look at this?

Moscow for the prosecutor: Pavel Cho started Yunanov's construction site in the capital


Although, what are we talking about? The founder of the investment company Alias Group Yunanov is also a former prosecutor. And there are no former security officials. The same connections remain.

But to enter the Moscow market, it seems, it took a "guide", which was Cho.

Recall that the co-owner of Capital Group, who has connections with many representatives of the top of the Moscow authorities, has long looked like a kind of intermediary-gasket between Sobyanin's co-company and developers. Having, it seems, his barysh from this role. After all, we are often talking about the resale of tidbits of land.

Probably, this tandem of Cho and Yunanov is also built on mutual interest. After all, having taken the Kuban prosecutor as partners, the developer has strengthened his block in this area, which is very appropriate in the light of past claims from the same Kyrgyzstan. And it is not superfluous to take into account that there are not few questions for Cho in other areas. One ownership of a French firm and real estate there in light of the general situation in the political arena is worth something. That is, the "pocket" prosecutor (although ex) will definitely not be superfluous?

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